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Couros, Panos, b. 1960
Panos Couros is an artist, sound designer, arts producer, sound lecturer and creative associate.
Linz, Rainer
Composer and sound artist Rainer Linz has a long involvement in radio, music theatre, instrumental and electronic music. He was a recipient of the Australia ...
Mariette, Nick, b.
Nick Mariette is spatial audio researcher and phonographer, sound art technologist and artist.
Hope, Cat
Music composer, installation and performance artist based in Perth.
Helyer, Nigel, b. 1951
Nigel Helyer is an independent sculptor and sound-artist. He is the director of a small multi-disciplinary team “Sonic Objects; Sonic Architecture” with an international reputation ...
Langley, Somaya Zoe, b. 1976
Somaya Langley has a background in digital culture with a focus on sound and media arts, digital collections, festivals and events. She was Production Manager ...
Moore, Darren, b. 1974
Percussionist and composer who participated in the BioFeel exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth.
Andrews, Ian, b. 1961
Ian Andrews is a Sydney based independent film, video and sound artist who began practising in 1981. Much of Andrews’ work consists of video/sound collage, ...
Gamblen, Phil, b. 1964
Artist based in Western Australia who has investigated new technologies, scientific processes and discarded materials in his work.
Harvey, Lawrence
Composer and sound designer based in Melbourne.
Paine, Garth
Garth Paine's art examines sound as an experiential medium, both in musical performance and as an exhibitable object.
Sabsabi, Khaled, b. 1965
A sound, video, photo media, installation artist and musician based in south western Sydney.