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by de Gruchy, Ian.

Ian de Gruchy speaking about his work undertaken in New York and London and the current work of Kristof Wydinski

Guest Lecturers

by Dezhou, Shang, Zhijian, Luo.

Luo Zhijian and Shang Dezhou visiting artists from Shaanxi Province, China

Guest Lecture

by Greenblat, Rodney Alan.

Rodney Alan Greenblat (US) about his work

Art and the Social Institutions

by Brook, Donald.

Donald Brook, two lectures


by Brook, Donald.

Donald Brook on formalism, critical assessment of Clement Greenberg's theories of art


by Burn, Ian.

Ian Burn, a talk on the context of art, challenging the concept of 'free and neutral' artworks

Guest Lectures

by Pejic, Bojana.

Bojana Pejic, visiting curator from Belgrade, guest lectures at Experimental Art Foundation

Guest Lecture

by Gorman, John.

John Gorman, on Trade Union Banners and their history

Guest Lecture

by La Frenais, Rob.

Rob La Frenais, Editor, 'Performance' magazine

Screenings of "New American Video"

by Handhardt, John.

John Handhardt, curator of Film and Video at Whitney Museum, New York 18-22 August, Lectures (EAF) and screening of collection of American video (Media Resources ...


by Hemensley, Kris, Owen, Jan, Sasnaitis, Jurate, Snowden, Collette, Walwicz, Ania.

Melbourne/Adelaide: Jurate Sasnaitis and Kris Hemensley (Melb)gave papers describing parallels between oppositional poetry of the 40s and 60s in Melbourne and the current Melbourne scene; ...

Murals in international and national context

by Ruff, Carol.

Carol Ruff guest lecture 29 July 6.30pm

Fisher, Catherine B., b. 1955
Catherine B. Fisher (B.A (Vis. Arts); Grad. Dip.Ed. M.Ed.C.A.; LLB; Grad.Dip.Leg.Prac.), is a Visual Artist, Educator, Photographer, Lapidary, Researcher and Lawyer. With over forty years ...