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Alderton, Steven
Steven Alderton has worked as a curator and gallery director in many regional arts centres including Wagga Wagga, Bundaberg, Redland, Lismore and the Casula Powerhouse ...
Rich, Margaret
Margaret Rich has been one of the key figures both in researching, collecting and exhibiting colonial and impressionist art, and in regional arts in Victoria. ...
Queensland Regional Arts Awards touring exhibition

by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

A 14 month long touring exhibition for finalists and winners of the Queensland Regional Arts Awards. Tours to a series of regional and council galleries.

Heenan, Dianne, b.
Dianne was an active participant in Brisbane's artist-run scene between 1979 and 1985.
Jean Bellette Gallery, Hill End, NSW 2850

by Wilson, Rebecca.

Kate Kelly: Sister of an Outlaw, A collection of more than 40 paintings based on the life and times of Kate Kelly, Ned Kelly's little ...