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Ah Kee, Vernon, b. 1967
Vernon Ah Kee is a draughtsman, photographer, screen-printer, video and text based installation artist who was included in the 2008 Biennale of Sydney.
Marek, Voitre, b.
Sculptor and jeweller brother of Surrealist Dusan Marek. In 1969 The Catholic Weekly described him as a leading artist 'whose work is known in churches ...
Callaghan, Michael, b. 1952
Michael Callaghan's political posters helped define urban dissent in the 1970s. Later he founded Redback Graphix and created the popular health poster figure 'Condoman'.
Martin, Mandy, b. 1952
One of the activist women artists who emerged in the mid-1970s, later turned from overtly political posters and industrial landscapes to painting powerful landscapes of ...
Artists and activists engaged with the politics and issues of space in the city. Beginning in the 'Broadway Squats' in 2000, Squatspace later evolved into ...
Marek, Dusan, b. 1926
Painter, film maker and radical Surrealist. Came to Australia as a political refugee in 1948 and through his teaching as well as his art, had ...
Newmarch, Ann Foster, b. 1945
Painter, printmaker, sculptor and lecturer, studied SA Teachers' College. Member Print Council of Australia.
Shaw, Rod, b. 1915
Rod Shaw was a dominant figure in the left wing Studio of Realist Art in the 1950s while also being half of the progressive publisher, ...
Walls Sometimes Speak

by Mackinolty, Chips, Robertson, Toni. Earthworks Poster Collective.

Earthworks Collective,Chips Mackinolty and Toni Robertson, first major political poster show in Australia, touring

Artists Against Uranium

by Artworkers Union of South Australia.

SA Artworkers Union, national collection of colour xerox images by many artists, show toured nationally and internationally continuously since

Anti Nuclear Lobby and Culture

by Watkins, Peter.

Peter Watkins, director of film The War Game, screening and discussion


by Staeck, Klaus.

Klaus Staeck, German political comment posters

Artists Against Uranium

by Goodwin, Christine, Kerr, David.

Second showing, expanded version, curators Christine Goodwin, David Kerr

Fallout Follies

by State Theatre Company of South Australia.

SA Theatre Company, theatre performance on uranium issue

Kelly, Deborah, b. 1962
Deborah Kelly is a socially engaged Melbourne born Sydney based artist whose work is shown and collected nationally and internationally.
Truth Rules...OK?

by Bolton, Ken, Goodwin, Christine.

various Australian postermakers, organised by Christine Goodwin and Ken Bolton; recent socially, politically oriented posters, touring 1983-1984 many venues, Australia


by Kelly, Deborah.

Documentation of billboard 3000x4500mm