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Williams, John, b. 1933
Williams was a self-taught photographer with an active career beginning in the 1960s. He travelled in Europe through the late 1960s returning to Australia in ...
Irving, Louis, b. 1950
Irving, after brief training at Swinburne, he worked with Hector and Dorothy Crawford's film studio, Melbourne. With Claudia Karvan, he filmed "Love my Way" and ...
No Immediate Threat & Class Work

by Beveridge, Karl, Conde, Carol.

Photo-documentation and graphic work based on interviews with nuclear power workers EAF Annual Report 1989

Gross, Yoram, b. 1926
Gross was a film animator, director and producer. He became a film maker in Poland in 1947, later moving to Israel in 1950 working as ...
Peterson, Joel, b. 1954
Peterson began his film career as an art student in Hobart, later studying at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. He worked with such ...
The Photo Group
The Photo Group is a collective of eight Sydney-based photographers who meet regularly to inspire & encourage one another in their shared exploration of photography ...
Cowley, Jim, b. 1941
Jim Cowley's performance art and the accompanying photographic documentation had a significant influence on directions of conceptual art in Adelaide in the 1970s.
Moriceau, Norma, b. 1944
Moriceau was a designer who began her career in modelling, moving to England to work for magazines as a writer, designer, stylist and photographer. Her ...
Truchanas, Olegas, b. 1923
Olegas Truchanas was renowned for his slide presentations which brought ever-increasing attention to Tasmania's unique south-west landscape. Using a collection of colour slides accumulated from ...
Visiting artist

by Gerz, Jochen.

Jochen Gerz, German photographer working in art and text lecture on Art and Germany- current and recent past- WWII to today

Your Vision of this Landscape is Irrelevant to its Future

by McKinnon, Malcolm.

Paintings, photographs and text about violence and landscape from the mound springs region of South Australia EAF Annual Report

Recent Work

by Crocker, Peter.

Peter Crocker, Angela Iarrusso, John Young (NSW) photographic/sculptural installation

Fisher, Catherine B., b. 1955
Catherine B. Fisher (B.A (Vis. Arts); Grad. Dip.Ed. M.Ed.C.A.; LLB; Grad.Dip.Leg.Prac.), is a Visual Artist, Educator, Photographer, Lapidary, Researcher and Lawyer. With over forty years ...

by Carson, Dave.

collaborative work. Involved the production of video recordings of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from different vantage points simultaneously. Ultimately the audience was able to ...

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