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Linton, James Alexander Barrow, b. 1904
Silversmith, sculptor and painter. He was born in 1904. Immediately after the war Linton was the most accomplished silversmith in Australia with a very busy ...
Mummery, S. B.
Mummery took woodcarving classes at Fremantle Technical School under Francesco Vanzetti and John McLeod.
Currie, Herbert Kitchener, b. 1915
Herbert Kitchener Currie was born in 1915. He was a silversmith, woodworker, leatherworker and teacher. Currie ceased work in 1988 when failing eyesight, due to ...
Lukey, Alfred V.
Mrs Alfred V. Lukey exhibited oil paintings, china painting and metalwork with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1904. Two Lukey daughters were art ...
Marcus, Donna
Sculptor who has created small works as well as large public art commissions using, or inspired by, domestic kitchen equipment.
Richardson, Maude Rose, b. 1879
Maude Rose Richardson was born in 1879. With her friends Alma Pericles and Mrs W. E. Stephenson, she formed the West Australian Women Painters and ...