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Stevens, Bec
Bec Stevens is a Hobart-based visual artist and curator whose work is underpinned by studies in architecture and horticulture.
Khoe, Karl, b. 1980
Karl Khoe is an artist based in Sydney, whose work spans printmaking, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and design, with a particular emphasis on working alongside ...
Zettel, Tessa, b. 1980
Tessa Zettel is an artist based in Sydney, whose work includes printmaking, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance and design, with a particular emphasis on working alongside ...
Miller, Brad, b. 1961
Brad Miller has typically manipulated found images and sound to create single channel video and multi-channel interactive works exploring memory and associations.
Adams, Patricia
Trish Adams is a new media artist who explores the relationship between technology and art. In October 2007 she commenced a period as visiting artist ...
Mosey, Anne, b. 1950
Anne Mosey is an installation artist best known for her cross-cultural collaborations with Dolly Nampijinpa Daniels. She was a founding member of the Artist Run ...
Waterson, Sarah, b. 1963
is a practising and exhibiting artist and designer since 1987. Her works include electronic installations, collaborations with performers, video and audio work, generative and software ...
Faciality - Membranes and Multiples

by Burns, David.

A one day installation 4 March 1972 by Launceston based artist David Burns. Source: Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery History Archive.

Solidarity with Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy (SPATE)

by Blanchfield, Sue, Blau, Simon, Dawes, Debra, Den Pourg, Juan , Holder, Jo, Hook, Richard, Hook, Karen, Hull, Tony, Manks, David, Redgate, Jacky, Smith, Steve, Van den Berg, Jelle, Warburton, Toni.

The Kuradji/Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy (SPATE) is a rallying point in the debate about urban development in sensitive coastal environments with significant Aboriginal heritage. ...


by Hall, Fiona, Luke, Michelle, Murray, Kerin, Petrusevics, Andrew, Robertson, Jenni, Steffensen, Jyanni, Stevens, Jannette, Weiss, Curtis.

Site specific installations- each artist using the interior space of equal-size cubes EAF Annual Report 1989

Tin Town

by Anderson, Russell.

This installation features a 1950s style toy town modelled on Brisbane city. The town is to be installed below the bus platform at the Royal ...

Albada, Duke
Duke Albada is a mixed media, new media artist who creates public art.
Hindmarsh, Laura, b. 1987
Laura Hindmarsh, Tasmanian-based video artist, graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania, in 2010. She was awarded an Australia Council Jump mentorship ...
Rowe, Amelia, b. 1966
Amelia Rowe, mixed media artist, is based in Lauceston, Tasmania, and uses sculpture and installation to respond to those living within the West Tamar Valley.
Carson, Dave, b.
Dave Carson is a new media artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Drake-Brockman, Geoffrey, b. 1964
Geoffrey Drake Brockman is a sculptural and installation artist who has incorporated the use of robotics and lasers into his work.
Helyer, Nigel, b. 1951
Nigel Helyer is an independent sculptor and sound-artist. He is the director of a small multi-disciplinary team “Sonic Objects; Sonic Architecture” with an international reputation ...