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Holder, Jo
Curator, gallery director and community arts worker
Johnston, Pam, b. 1947
An Aboriginal artist and a printmaker, Johnston is best known for her shocking work 'Untitled' which addressed the issue of Indigenous deaths in custody and ...

by Chandler, Sadie, Richardson, Elvis.

CoUNTess is a blog that presents data and reviews on gender representation in the Australian Contemporary art-world.


Martin, Mandy, b. 1952
One of the activist women artists who emerged in the mid-1970s, later turned from overtly political posters and industrial landscapes to painting powerful landscapes of ...

by Aydemir, Cigdem, Dean, Bec, Kelly, Deborah, Mata Dupont, Pilar, Moffat, Tracey.

Commissioned through Performance Space Sydney. Artists working in photomedia, video, installation, performance, sculpture, collage and theoretical discourse address the expressions of gender in an Australian ...

National Women's Art Exhibition


The National Women's Art Exhibition was a series of independent shows held in over 150 venues in 1995 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the ...

Barratt, Virginia, b. 1959
Virginia Barratt is a writer experimental poet performer and academic. Since 1992 Virginia has been an active participant and collaborator in the Australian and International ...
Richens, Jane, b. 1966
Installation artist and digital artist/designer actively involved in 1980-1990 Artist-run spaces including That Contemporary Art Space, The Queensland Artworker's Alliance and Bureau.
Future Feminist Archive
Future Feminist Archive is an ongoing archive, addressing strategies of recovering lost information, promoting the legacies of local feminist art activists and building a solid ...