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Starrs, Josephine, b. 1955
Josephine Starrs is a new media artist who often collaborates with Leon Cmielewski producing a variety of hybrid media art installations

by Dement, Linda, Richards, Kate, Waterson, Sarah, da Rimini, Francesca .

At an all girl flat track roller derby game, Oct 2010, sensors on the helmets of players fed data to five artworks, generating digital elaborations ...

live art

Distributed Difference, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP)

by Biggs, Simon, Blank, Jeremy.

Part of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (Same Difference), staged between 10 September and 12 December 2004.

Laika’s Dérive/Dog’s DeTour

by Waterson, Sarah.

New media locative data-mapping work about interspecies communication, collaboration and knowledge. Community participants and their dogs use an electronic mapping system (custom iphone app-GPS, accelerometer, ...



by Biggs, Simon.

Functioned as both an interactive immersive installation and web-based work.

installation, screens, digital video, internet


by Hinshaw, Adam, Miller, Brad.

plasma_flow is a spectacular large-scale interactive projected installation and uses adaptive surround sounds to reinforce the user experience of interacting with a cloud of highly ...

installation, multi media

Organic Data

by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

A public digital art event held in 2016 created to coincide with the World Science Festival, Brisbane. Entire laneways were lit up with interactive artworks ...