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Vongpoothorn, Savanhdary, b. 1971
Savanhdary Vongpoothorn first came to public attention when her student work was exhibited at the NSW Travelling Art Scholarship exhibition in 1992. Her precise pin-pricked ...
Ali, Khadim, b. 1978
Khadim Ali is a contemporary artist who creates miniature-style paintings. He was trained in the Mughul and Kabul miniature traditions. His works focus on contemporary ...
Gallagher, Stephen , b. 1967
Research interest: Elizabethan ornamentation Title of study: Reflections through the Elizabethan eye: Contemporary practice and history, A study that demonstrates how the past continues to ...
Allen, Barbara, b. 1957
Barbara was an active participant of the 1980s Qld ARI sector.
Bennett, Gordon, b. 1955
Acclaimed contemporary Indigenous artist, Gordon Bennett's work explores the role of language and systems of thought in forging identity. Much of his work is concerned ...
Chapman, Rebecca , b. 1960
Rebecca was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.
Dare, Jess
South Australian glass and metal contemporary jeweller
Jansons, Bernd, b. 1948
Bernd Jansons is a professional artist working in the digital medium. His work has been exhibited in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, ...
Jones, Jonathan, b. 1978
Artist and curator who worked for some years at the Art Gallery of NSW. Jones was born in Sydney in 1978 and is of Wiradjuri ...
McKimm, Chris, b. 1966
Chris was an active participant of the 1980's QLD ARI sector.
Phillips, Caroline A, b. 1966
Caroline A Phillips is a contemporary Australian visual artist and researcher
Raisin, Hannah, b. 1987
Hannah Raisin is a Female Australian Contemporary Artist. Raisin is the primary figure in her; live and gallery performances, videos, sound and digital photography which ...
Wright, William, b. 1937
As well as an extensive career as an artist Bill Wright became one of the most influential curators of contemporary art in Australia. After directing ...
Bent, Murray, b. 1964
Murray was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.