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Holder, Jo
Curator, gallery director and community arts worker
Johnston, Pam, b. 1947
An Aboriginal artist and a printmaker, Johnston is best known for her shocking work 'Untitled' which addressed the issue of Indigenous deaths in custody and ...
Alderton, Steven
Steven Alderton has worked as a curator and gallery director in many regional arts centres including Wagga Wagga, Bundaberg, Redland, Lismore and the Casula Powerhouse ...
Barakat, Nicole, b. 1977
Nicole Barakat is an artist who works to examine the intersections between different forms of art including textiles, drawing, performance and installation.
Bonetto, Diego, b. 1969
Artist, forager, speaker, keen naturalist and award winning cultural worker based in Sydney. Since 2002, Diego has been working as a multimedia artist and cultural ...
de Almeida, Pedro
Pedro de Almeida's curatorial practice is characterised by a strong awareness of the political and cultural context of where art is to be shown and ...
Sabsabi, Khaled, b. 1965
A sound, video, photo media, installation artist and musician based in south western Sydney.
Edge of Elsewhere

by Andrew, Brook, Bell, Richard, Sabsabi, Khaled, Suwannakudt, Phaptawan.

Final installation of three-year project by Campbelltown Arts Centre and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, opened January 14th 2012 as part of Sydney Festival’s ...

Arts Information

by Goldman, Jacques, Langhans, Marci.

Marci Langhans and Jacques Goldman, seminar on proposal to Community Arts Board

Community Art Seminars

by Adams, Jude.

1. Community Art in its Context (September) 2. Community Arts Alternatives (October) 3. Community Art summary (November) Jude Adams, end of series

Community Arts Survey

by Adams, Jude.

Collation of reports from SA Community arts officers and groups

Inner West Medal for Interior Design

Established in 1988, this award is auspiced by the Marrickeville Council.

Deakin story vessel

by Hannigan, Shelley.

City of Greater Geelong Courtesy of: Deakin University.

House About Wollongong & East End: before and after

by Waller, Ruth.

2 Community Arts Exhibitions hosted by EAF to coincide with the National Community Arts Conference in Adelaide