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Cardiomorphologies v. 1

by Khut, George, Tonkin, John.

Collaborative work. Interactive installation in which devices measured participants' heart rate and breathing patterns, which generated a changing visual projection and sound scape.

video installation, sound, installation, computer programming

Cardiomorphologies v.2

by Khut, George, Muller, Lizzie, Turner, Greg.

Collaborative work. Interactive installation in which sensing devices measured participants' heartbeat and breathing patterns. These patterns produced an abstract interactive artwork comprising both visuals and ...

sensing devices, sound, installation, new media, programming

The Breath Within, Defiance Gallery 2015

by Larkin, Anita.

THE BREATH WITHIN Sculpture and Collage by Anita Larkin Defiance Gallery. 6 May-30th May 2015 catalogue published. film also made by Caroline Baum and Ashley ...