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Blackman, Charles, b. 1928
Charles Blackman is regarded as one of Australia's most important artists of the late twentieth century. This brief biography addresses his print work.
Boyd, Arthur, b. 1920
A member of the gifted Boyd family, and grandson of his namesake, the painter Arthur Merric Boyd, Arthur first attended night classes at Melbourne's National ...
Boyd, David, b. 1924
Brother of Guy, Lucy and Arthur Boyd, David Boyd found acclaim as a potter in the 1950s and ’60s. He began his career as a ...
Brack, John, b. 1920
A painter and printmaker, John Brack is considered one of Australia's most significant artists, whose subject matter was resolutely urban, modern life. Brack's extensive body ...
Dickerson, Robert, b. 1924
Robert Dickerson is a Sydney born figurative painter since the late 1940s and a printmaker since the 1971. Frequently reoccurring subjects in his work include ...
Perceval, John, b. 1923
John Perceval had little formal training as an artist, but after he fell ill with polio at the age of 15 he concentrated on painting ...
Pugh, Clifton, b. 1924
Influential mid 20th century Melbourne painter and illustrator