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Thornton, Matt
Contemporary Canberra cartoonist, animator and commercial artist.
Adams, Patricia
Trish Adams is a new media artist who explores the relationship between technology and art. In October 2007 she commenced a period as visiting artist ...
Evangelou-Oost, Lydia
Lydia Evangelou-Oost is a Tasmanian-based artist who focuses on stop motion animation techniques.
Urashima Taro

by Kendrigan, Donna.

Inspired by a well known Japanese folk tale. A tale about love & mortality. Animation shown on SBS television.

Fernanda Cardoso, Maria, b. 1963
Maria Fernanda Cardoso is an internationally renowned artist, born in Colombia, currently living in Sydney, Australia. She is well known for her unconventional use of ...
Gross, Yoram, b. 1926
Gross was a film animator, director and producer. He became a film maker in Poland in 1947, later moving to Israel in 1950 working as ...
Holman, Haldane Sinclair, b. 1922
Holman was a polymath artist working in film, murals, portraiture and other art forms. His career began after the conclusion of the 1939-45 War, he ...
Stitt, Alexander, b. 1937
Stitt was an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator trained at Melbourne Technical College (later RMIT) and began working in film in the late 1950s. ...
Andrews, Ian, b. 1961
Ian Andrews is a Sydney based independent film, video and sound artist who began practising in 1981. Much of Andrews’ work consists of video/sound collage, ...
de Vietri, Christian
Australian artist based in New York who has an eclectic sculptural practice.
Woven Water

by Fernanda Cardoso, Maria.

a large installation of starfish

Installation made of starfish


by Kelly, Deborah.

Digital animation shown as HD projection, DVD, 16:9, 3:17 minutes, colour, sound Animation: Christian Heinrich and Chris Wilson Original score written and produced by Brutal ...

Digital Animation

Glasheen, Mick
Late 20th century cartoonist, sketcher and experimental filmmaker. Glasheen established the experimental video art group Bush Video in the early 1970s.
Music Lecture Series

by Linz, Rainer.

10 lectures in structure and form in music from baroque period to 1970s

Emu Wear

by Fernanda Cardoso, Maria.

performance, emu feathers

Glass : re-materializing the digital screen

by de Bruyn, Dirk.

Deakin University Art Gallery


Dumb luck

by Bishop, Cameron.

Phoenix Gallery

Byron Bay hysteria

by de Bruyn, Dirk.

Cog Collective

Moving Image

Cartology Apology

by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

A frame-by-frame animation of hand drawn topographic lines of Victoria, layered digitally, and projected through six theatre scrims. Set up inside Scot's Church, the audience ...

holographic projection, projection art, projection mapping

Wind blisters those who try to run

by Krauth, Alinta Kiri.

Projection mapping artwork onto Brisbane's Old Windmill for three nights only. The artwork told the story of the windmill's history as well as looking to ...

A series of animations and digital artworks projected onto a physical object