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by Campbell, Denise Margaret, Freitag, Helen, Freitlag, Helen , Hay, John, Lehman, Gina, Millen, Lou, North, Diana, Richardson, Dallas, Wild , Joanne.

An exhibition of the works of Denise Campbell, Helen Freitag, John Hay, Gina Lehman, Lou Millen, Diana North, Dallas Richardson, Joanne Wild. Source: Queen Victoria ...


by Alder, Alison, Ayres, Tony, Cosgrove, Nick, Dale, Stephanie, Denton, Mark, Killen, Virginia, Little, Colin, Manderson, Roland, McCorquodale, Suzanne, Morrow, David, Radok, Stephanie, Robertson, Toni, Russell, Colin.

An exhibition of political posters and prints from Canberra 1981-83 (ACME/Megalo?) by Alison Alder, Colin Little, David Morrow, Stephanie Dale, Stephanie Radok, Roland Manderson, Mark ...