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Dux, Daphne Kal-Ma-Kuta, b. 1928
Daphne Kal-Ma-Kuta Dux was born in Brisbane in 1928 and began painting at the age of seventy-seven. Though she says, 'I'm a dotter, not a ...
Robison, Oenwen Joan, b. 1924
Artist who was a student of Flora Landells and graduate and teacher at the Perth Technical School.
Lakides, Amy, b. 1919
Well known and influential china painter, painter on silk and interior designer. Her first lessons in porcelain painting were under Flora Landells.
China painter and embroiderer who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts.
Taylor, Violet, b. 1905
Wildflower painter and embroiderer. The family hold a number of pieces of her work and these range from oil and watercolour paintings of wildflowers, china ...
Brim, Zaphne M., b. 1925
Exhibited with the Western Australian Women's Society of Fine Arts and Crafts in 1960.
Shaw, Marina Philomena, b. 1903
Painter, china painter, ceramic sculptor and designer who in the1940s won a scholarship to the Slade School of Art but was unable to take it ...
Tribe, John E., b. 1904
Tribe was sent to the sanatorium at Wooroloo where he took art therapy under Guy Grey Smith. He won the Claude Hotchin Art Prize twice.
Goatcher, James, b. 1879
Artist and theatre scene painter and designer who was a member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales and of the West Australian ...
Shore, Arnold, b. 1897
Influential mid 20th century Melbourne modernist painter, teacher, critic and cartoonist. Shore began his career designing stained glass. In the 1920s he consistently supported Post-Impressionist ...