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Creeth, Helen, b. 1859
Helen Creeth was born in 1859. She was a painter, china painter, teacher and photographer. Creeth trained as an art teacher at the South Kensington ...
Dux, Daphne Kal-Ma-Kuta, b. 1928
Daphne Kal-Ma-Kuta Dux was born in Brisbane in 1928 and began painting at the age of seventy-seven. Though she says, 'I'm a dotter, not a ...
Szabo, Joseph, b. 1932
Joseph Szabo was part of a new generation of European artists who helped transform Australia's cultural life in the decades after World War II.
White, John, b. 1930
John White is a New Zealand born painter who exhibited hard edge abstract paintings with Sydney's Central Street Gallery.
Jordan, Col, b. 1935
One of the innovators in hard edge optical painting, who was also an influential teacher of generations of artists.
Escourt, Millicent Alethea, b. 1891
Escourt studied at the Perth Technical School and at Fremantle Technical School. She exhibited both pottery and china painting.
Makin, Jeffrey, b. 1943
Jeffrey Makin is a renowned Australian artist best known for his en plein air landscape paintings. Active from 1961, his work follows in the tradition ...
Southern, Muriel, b. 1890
Muriel Southern was born around 1890. She was a painter, art teacher, occasional china painter and craft worker who in 1935 organised the Perth Arts ...
Bathurst Art Purchase Award

by Hanssen Pigott, Gwyn, Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

Bathurst Art Purchase Award - Finalist Exhibition

Folded Light

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

Solo Exhibition of paintings. Folded Light

Sydney Mix 2012

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

A celebration of diversity, hidden treasures & well known artists. Works from contemporary artists & selected secondary market works offer an insight into the nature ...

A Moveable Feast

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine, White, Sheila.

A Moveable Feast -"Sculpture to Tantalise the Senses" 23 April-08 May 2011 Sculpture by Tom bass, Carol Crawford, Margo Hoekstra, Eilat Rabin-Rein, Julie Haseler-Reilly, Gunnel ...

IMAGES 2 - Contemporary Australian Painting

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

IMAGES 2 - Contemporary Australian Painting, Exhibition & Book Launch, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, NSW.

9” x 12": 1997/98

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

9” x 12": 1997/98 National Touring Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Blemish: James Guppy

by Guppy, James.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS ORG exhibition archive; (05/01/04); (05/01/04)

Aspden, David, b. 1935
The largely self-taught painter, David Aspden, established his reputation in the 1960s by painting lyrically beautiful abstracts. In the context of the time, they were ...
Johnson, Michael, b. 1938
Michael Johnson's work is marked by a metaphysical orchestration of colour and a muscularity of presence. His paintings (and occasional works in three dimensions) are ...