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Clint, Alfred T., b. 1879
Early 20th century painter, scene painter and (apparently) cartoonist.
Cotton, Emma
Emma Cotton was a china painter. She exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts and Western Australian Women's Society of Fine Arts and Crafts. ...
Forbes, Louisa May
A painter and active member of the Western Australian Women's Society of Fine Arts and Crafts who also became a well-known china painter.
Lapsley, Charlotte Evelyn, b. 1890
Charlotte Evelyn Lapsley was born in 1890. She was a china painter. Lapsley was one of the students at Perth Technical School in 1906. She ...
Mechenstok, Bertha Marianne Helene, b. 1894
Bertha Marianne Helene Mechenstok was born in 1894. She was a student at Midland Junction Technical School under Flora Landells in 1912-13.
Morgan, M.
China painter who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1927.
Sanders, Ethel D.
Watercolour and oils painter who exhibited with West Australian Society of Arts, Perth Society of Artists, Victorian Art Society and the Launceston Art Society.
Swaine, F. Claude, b. 1894
China painter who exhibited plates, dishes, cups and saucers decorated with Western Australian wildflowers with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1927.
Clarke, May
May Clarke was china painter and woodcarver. She studied woodcarving at Perth Technical School in 1917. Clarke's teacher was J. W. R. Linton.
Creeth, May, b. 1854
May Creeth was born in 1854. She was a painter, china painter, teacher, photographer and pyrographer. Creeth trained in art at the South Kensington Schools ...
Fanning, Charlotte, b. 1896
Painter in oils, china painter, wood caver and marquetry exponent. She exhibited the West Australian Society of Arts in 1911.
Gordon, Ethel
Pastel artist and china painter who exhibited with Flora Landells in the 1931 exhibition held at Industries Hall in Perth.
Lang, Jean Euphemia, b. 1912
Jean Euphemia Lang was born in 1912. She was an illustrator, painter, china painter, potter, teacher and historian. In 1991 she was awarded Citizen of ...
Southern, Muriel, b. 1890
Muriel Southern was born around 1890. She was a painter, art teacher, occasional china painter and craft worker who in 1935 organised the Perth Arts ...
Allport, Curzona Frances Louise, b. 1860
Tasmanian born printmaker Curzona Frances Louise (Lily) Allport found success in London, after studying in Paris.
Goatcher, James, b. 1879
Artist and theatre scene painter and designer who was a member of the Royal Art Society of New South Wales and of the West Australian ...
Shore, Arnold, b. 1897
Influential mid 20th century Melbourne modernist painter, teacher, critic and cartoonist. Shore began his career designing stained glass. In the 1920s he consistently supported Post-Impressionist ...
David Strachan

by Strachan, David.

National retrospective touring exhibition of David Strachan's paintings and etchings. Curated by Daniel Thomas for the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Because of Strachan's ...



Untitled Jack Courier Painting from Facebook

by Courier, Jack.

How can any work of art really be obscene? I was blocked from Facebook for sharing this Facebook post "Your text to link here...(of a ...