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Jordan, Col, b. 1935
One of the innovators in hard edge optical painting, who was also an influential teacher of generations of artists.
Ali, Khadim, b. 1978
Khadim Ali is a contemporary artist who creates miniature-style paintings. He was trained in the Mughul and Kabul miniature traditions. His works focus on contemporary ...
Bates, Vera, b. 1901
Painter who was the president of the Western Australian Women's' Society of Fine Arts and Crafts in 1957-58.
China painter and embroiderer who exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts.
Clarke, May
May Clarke was china painter and woodcarver. She studied woodcarving at Perth Technical School in 1917. Clarke's teacher was J. W. R. Linton.
Creeth, May, b. 1854
May Creeth was born in 1854. She was a painter, china painter, teacher, photographer and pyrographer. Creeth trained in art at the South Kensington Schools ...
Drok, Kitty, b.
Kitty Drok was born in Indonesia. She was a china painter and potter who was a founding member of what is now the International China ...
Escourt, Millicent Alethea, b. 1891
Escourt studied at the Perth Technical School and at Fremantle Technical School. She exhibited both pottery and china painting.
Fanning, Charlotte, b. 1896
Painter in oils, china painter, wood caver and marquetry exponent. She exhibited the West Australian Society of Arts in 1911.
Gordon, Ethel
Pastel artist and china painter who exhibited with Flora Landells in the 1931 exhibition held at Industries Hall in Perth.
Jacks, Robert, b. 1943
Robert Jacks is one of the first generation of Australian artists to take nourishment from the post war American artists, rather than looking to Europe. ...
Lang, Jean Euphemia, b. 1912
Jean Euphemia Lang was born in 1912. She was an illustrator, painter, china painter, potter, teacher and historian. In 1991 she was awarded Citizen of ...
Lutz, Agnes Gray, b. 1881
Agnes Gray Lutz was a potter, china painter, and painter based in Western Australia.
Makin, Jeffrey, b. 1943
Jeffrey Makin is a renowned Australian artist best known for his en plein air landscape paintings. Active from 1961, his work follows in the tradition ...
Southern, Muriel, b. 1890
Muriel Southern was born around 1890. She was a painter, art teacher, occasional china painter and craft worker who in 1935 organised the Perth Arts ...
Taylor, Violet, b. 1905
Wildflower painter and embroiderer. The family hold a number of pieces of her work and these range from oil and watercolour paintings of wildflowers, china ...
Bathurst Art Purchase Award

by Hanssen Pigott, Gwyn, Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

Bathurst Art Purchase Award - Finalist Exhibition

Folded Light

by Tuckfield-Carrano, Madeleine.

Solo Exhibition of paintings. Folded Light