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Portraits of Women - Experiments in Vitreous Enamels

by Binns, Vivienne, McMahon, Marie, Phoenix, Frances, Robertson, Toni.

Also Ewing and George Paton Galleries, University of Melbourne, VIC; and Fantasia Gallery, Canberra, ACT. This was a collaborative exhibition with Marie McMahon, Toni Roberton ...


by Binns, Vivienne, Foley, Roger.

co-created with Vivienne Binns

An exhibition of work by homosexual and lesbian artists

by Binns, Vivienne, Colechin, Sally, Erskine, Doug, Kuring, Jude, Lawrie, Robert, McDiarmid, David, Mitchell, Cathy, Morley, Bill, Phoenix, Frances, Robertson, Toni, Tully, Peter.

The exhibition was held in conjunction with the 4th National Homosexual Conference, Paddington Town Hall. Featured artists included: David McDiarmid, Peter Tully, Frances Budden, Vivienne ...

Margo Lewers: Small Paintings

by Lewers, Margo.

Inaugural exhibition at Watters Gallery