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Abbott, Joseph Palmer, b. 1842
Abbott was the president of the Art Society of New South Wales (1895/96). It is unknown whether he was also a practising artist.
Alcorso, Claudio, b. 1913
Claudio Alcorso was the founder of Modernage Fabrics, Silk and Textile Printers in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Australian and NZ artists and designers produced prints including ...
Allum, Enid
Art student who studied pre-WW1 at the Perth Technical School. Allum later became a member of the WA Society of Arts.
Andrews, Mary
Mary Andrews was the gallery manager, Andrews Designs, Macleay Street, Potts Point. Gordon Andrews memoir states that they met while doing war work at the ...
Armstrong, R. H.
Bishop of Wangaratta, Victoria. An album of bush scenes and country views by Armstrong that date from the 1890s was presented to the State Library ...
Ashton, Eliza Ann
Wife of Julian Ashton, journalist and mother of five, Eliza wrote an article for the Centennial Magazine arguing that women were not fitted to be ...
Atkinson, Emily
In 1891 a Miss E.G. Atkinson wrote to Henry Parkes seeking publication for her manuscript, 'Judith, an Australian Blossom; A Tale of Sydney and London.'
Baglin, Douglas
Douglas Baglin was a Sydney photographer who documented historic and modern architecture, landscapes and Aboriginal arts and culture from the 1950s to the 1980s. He ...
Bailey, John Frederick, b. 1866
John Frederick Bailey was a botanist.