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, Vanessa
Joan Kerr described her as:"A contemporary Sydney zine cartoonist, Vanessa produces 'Psychobabble' - one of the longest established zines. It's likely that Vanessa chose her ...
Mackinlay / McKinlay, Miguel, b. 1895
Painter Miguel Mackinlay was born in Spain to a Spanish mother and Scottish father. He studied at Perth Technical School in Western Australia under J.W. ...
A., C. H.
Professional photographer, C.H.A was offering his services in Sydney around 1868, advertising in the Sydney Morning Herald.
A., G. R.
Colonial era cartoonist. G.R.A drew the cover of 'Sam Slick in Victoria' for a June 1879 edition.
Aarons, Anita, b. 1912
Anita Aarons had a diverse career working as a jeweller, sculptor, art administrator, radio commentator, teacher and art editor for an architecture publication, while living ...
Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Abbold, Charles
Sketcher and cartoonist, Abbold's subjects ranged from scenes of the voyage from England to life on the Victorian goldfields.
Abbot, Inez M., b.
Australian female painter living in France, whose work may have been purchased by a major museum in Paris, but there is current record of this.
Abbott, Barbara, b. 1928
Sydney-based female sketcher, printmaker and textile artist who passed her final assessment in art school by completing an Aboriginal reference workbook she started in her ...
Abbott, Alfred, b. 1838
Amateur photographer, watchmaker and diarist. Known for his stereoscopic prints of Hobart and its surrounds. He also produced an important album incorporating works by Tasmanian ...
Abbott, C. A.
Cartoonist and lithographer, his professional career centres on the Ballarat Punch, particularly from 1867 to 1870. At various times he was also briefly the magazine's ...
Abbott, Charles, b. 1824
Amateur photographer, watchmaker and optician, his subjects were mainly views of Hobart and he conducted some early experiments in colour printing. His brother, Alfred, was ...