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Lapham, Frances and Lapham Henry
One of these, it is uncertain which, painted some small, naive watercolours in an album of poems compiled by Frances Lapham.
Collaborative group, "SCAR". Contemporary zine artists.
Nineteenth-century watercolourists, husband and wife, of whom little is known. Many of their works are landscapes.
Schattner, Gillie and Marc
Husband and wife Marc and Gillie Schattner are international award winning artists and Archibald Prize finalists who have been painting together for the last 15 ...
Rodgers/Solomon, Raymond and Marion
Raymond Rodgers and Marion Solomon are creative and life partners who work together in Bairnsdale, Victoria. They are associated with the East Gippsland Aboriginal Arts ...
image of 3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design is a Melbourne based graphic design practice known for their customized and bespoke work.
Artists and activists engaged with the politics and issues of space in the city. Beginning in the 'Broadway Squats' in 2000, Squatspace later evolved into ...
image of Bangdesign
Sydney design company founded by Bryan Marshall and David Granger in 1989. The company specialise in product design.
Maningrida Arts
Maningrida Arts, established 1971, is an arts organisation that supports indigenous artists. It has served as a language and research centre; a womens centre; and ...
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Jam Factory Crafts Workshops
Jam Factory Crafts Workshops was a shared studio for jewelers based in Adelaide, South Australia.
image of Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates of Blackburn, Victoria, are an industrial product design company.
image of Beauty Pottery
Beauty Pottery
Beauty Pottery of South Australia make earthenware. An example of Beauty Pottery is held at the Powerhouse Museum.