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Sculpture of the outdoors: an exhibition of sculptures by Silvio Apponyi

by Apponyi, Silvio.

Exhibition displays a major body of work and highlights his love of creating animal images and his disinclination to sculpt human forms. Source: Solo Survey ...

New work

by Haselton, Louise.

Small scale sculptural works to site specific wall texts to works on paper, incorporating materials such as bronze, wood, paper, fabric and glass. Pieces function ...


by Currie, Bridget.

The processes are tactile and materials ordinary (old bath towels, carpet). Creating tensions between surface decoration and sculptural form, Bridget plays with notions of allegory ...

The loss of virginity, a famous conflict and various things explained

by Grayson, Richard.

A sculptural and video exhibition in three parts, large three dimensional word constructions represent certain 'rite of passage' events in a surreal, non-felicitous play of ...