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Ah Kee, Vernon, b. 1967
Vernon Ah Kee is a draughtsman, photographer, screen-printer, video and text based installation artist who was included in the 2008 Biennale of Sydney.
Ahlip, Tarik
Artist with degrees in architecture and visual art
Ahmad, Mazin, b. 1964
Mazin Ahmad is an Iraqi-born abstract artist who works primarily in painting. After moving to Australia in 2002 he has completed a number of public ...
Algar, Penny, b. 1954
Penny Algar was based in Brisbane and involved Brisbane ARIs during the 1980's and was included in the The Demolition Show at The Observatory Gallery, ...
Allegre, Monia
Visual artist
Ananda, Roy, b. 1980
Roy Ananda has established a strong South Australian profile in the arts with a steady exhibition history, collaborative projects and performances, public art, workships and ...
Anderson, Peter
Queensland educated, Melbourne based artist, freelance writer and curator
Angus, James, b. 1970
James Angus is a sculptor and installation artist who began exhibiting in 1991. His work subverts everyday objects, provoking new ways of looking at the ...
Arnold, Eve, b.
Painter and installation artist
Arthur, Tom, b. 1946
Tom Arthur developed an artistic reputation from a series of intricately, and often theatrically composed installations of the 1970s and early 1980s which pinpoint a ...
Aslanidis, John, b. 1961
Painter and Installation artist who works the space between sound and vision
Atkins, Karen, b. 1962
Karen Atkins, born in Box Hill, Melbourne, is a Sydney based painter, textile designer, art teacher, community and public artist who is as inspired by ...
Austin, Lorraine, b. 1954
Lorraine Austin is a graduate (with a Masters in Fine Arts) from the Victorian College of the Arts. She has been painting and drawing for ...
Backen, Robyn, b. 1957
Robyn Backen is an interdisciplinary artist who works with ideas from science, communications technology and philosophy to make art installations that focus as much on ...