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Ahmad, Mazin, b. 1964
Mazin Ahmad is an Iraqi-born abstract artist who works primarily in painting. After moving to Australia in 2002 he has completed a number of public ...
Alban, Tom, b. 1887
English born commercial arts or illustrator who exhibited in the Queensland Art Society's annual exhibitions in 1924 and 1925.
Ambriano, Michael, b. 1975
Michael Ambriano is a landscape artist living and working in southern Sydney.
Archer, Florence, b. 1888
Florence Archer was one of the most accomplished potters of the second generation of the Harvey School. She studied pottery under Alice Bott for a ...
Astley, Charles, b. 1869
Charles Astley's paintings were no more than competent but his teaching of pottery and china painting at the Warwick Technical College and High School and ...
Atkins, Karen, b. 1962
Karen Atkins, born in Box Hill, Melbourne, is a Sydney based painter, textile designer, art teacher, community and public artist who is as inspired by ...
Auld, Ros
Potter based in central western NSW
Bamford, Roderick
Designer, ceramicist and sculptor. Bamford designed 'The Artist Cup Collection' for Australian coffee company, Manfredi Enterprises, Sydney, in 1999.
Barker, John, b. 1867
Painter and potter who exhibited with the South Devon Arts Society, British Watercolour Society, West Australian Society of Arts and Perth Society of Artists.
Barker, Leolin Addison, b. 1895
Potter who came to Western Australia in 1922. He was a co-owner of the Narrogin Pottery.
Barkley, Glenn, b. 1972
Glenn Barkley has had a dual career as both an innovative curator of Australian art and as an a maker of experimental ceramics.
Bell, Robert, b. 1946
Dr Robert Bell AM is Senior Curator, Art and Design, at the National Gallery of Australia.
Bellamy, Suzanne
An activist for feminist issues, Suzanne Bellamy has been at the forefront of pushing conventional boundaries outwards and exploring both painful personal themes and broader ...
Benwell, Stephen, b. 1953
Highly acclaimed contemporary Australian ceramicist working in, and counter to, craft traditions.
Berusowski, Schura
Ceramic sculptor, modeller and classically trained Russian ceramicist.