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Bleeding Angel

by Cass, Gary, Chandrasekaran, S..

collaborative work



by Rye, David, Scheding, Steve, Velonaki, Mari.

Collaborative work. Light reactive installation.

video projection

Anarchy Cell Line

by Verspaget, Cynthia J.

A cell line derived from the artist's cells as well as those of Henrietta Lacks. Lacks was an African-America cancer patient whose cells were cultured ...

cells, tissue

Cardiomorphologies v. 1

by Khut, George, Tonkin, John.

Collaborative work. Interactive installation in which devices measured participants' heart rate and breathing patterns, which generated a changing visual projection and sound scape.

video installation, sound, installation, computer programming

Distillery: Waveforming

by Khut, George.

Sitters interact with heart rate controlled composition software for iPad.