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Drake-Brockman, Geoffrey, b. 1964
Geoffrey Drake Brockman is a sculptural and installation artist who has incorporated the use of robotics and lasers into his work.
ARX 3: installation by Noelene Lucas

by Lucas, Noelene.

The GAWA supported the third Artist's Regional Exchange (ARX 3) by presenting an installation work by Australian artist Noelene Lucas. The work was formalised during ...

Beyond the grid: Andrew Leslie, Jurek Wybraniec and works from the State Art Collection

by Leslie, Andrew, Wybraniec, Jurek.

The legacies of geometric abstraction in Leslie's and Wybraniec's work, located at the crossroads of painting, sculpture and installation. Augmented by works from the State ...

Noelene Lucas: 40 degrees, 68". 74 degrees 01"

by Lucas, Noelene.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS Curtin Gallery exhibition archive