Sydney Biennale 18 for 18 Sprint!

This year there are 18 artists who live and work in Australia in the 18th Sydney Biennale.

Olivia, Emily and I (Gillian) are going for it. Wouldn’t it be great to have really complete accurate records of all the Sydney Biennale artists?

DAAO already has some good info on about 6 artists, basic info on 6 more, and stubs or nothing on the final 6. By the time you read this we’ll probably have stubs for all of them. So just click on the records in the project box on the right of this box (if you are logged in as a member) and go for it.

Be great to get some good information on exhibitions and works, and if anyone can hunt down some images in any of our partner institutions (or would be partner…) that we could link to that would be fabulous.

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  • fulleg June 18, 2012 I have put the existing records we have on daao into project. here's the list of Artists who have no records... yet! ;-) Makinti Napanangka Alexis Destoop works in australia Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano
  • fulleg June 18, 2012 yikes- layout is very different from text box to comment layout? (UX NOTES)
    • fulleg June 18, 2012 MORE UX- GRRR that you can't edit comments. These are operating like threads. which is ok. But I think we should at least have titles and be able to edit comments.
      • fulleg June 18, 2012 MORE UX;; ability to link ? be useful
  • fulleg June 18, 2012 A question on Judith Wright? Judith Wright I wonder if this is her? an associate of
  • fulleg June 18, 2012 Jonathon Jones no record on DAAO but mentioned in
  • fulleg June 26, 2012 Ok Khaled Sabsabi looking better. No prose bio yet. He's a COFA graduate- I wonder if there are any academics who write a quick one? I also need to check name of his degree.
  • fulleg Feb. 12, 2013 Ok, all artists suitable for inclusion in DAAO plus curators are now entered and attached into BOS 18 records. Its a good start- but I'd love to be able to fill these records in more. Particularly for some of the younger artists, like Sabsabi. databases... how long is a piece of string? complete for now...

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