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Parr, Mike, b. 1945
Working across a range of media that includes performance, installation, sculpture, drawing, drypoint etching and photography, Mike Parr is regarded as one of the most ...
Updated Jan. 5, 2018
Campbell, Barbara, b. 1961
Performance artist. For the final work of her residency at the University of Sydney's Centre for Performance Studies, Campbell inscribed her body with motifs that ...
Updated Jan. 4, 2018
Laing, Rosemary, b. 1959
Laing is most well known for her fantastical landscape images of bush floors and rocky outcrops laid with vintage Feltex carpet. Amazingly these scenes are ...
Updated Jan. 4, 2018
Hinterding, Joyce
Joyce Hinterding produces works that explore physical and virtual dynamics. Her practice is based on investigations into energetic forces, through custom built field recording and ...
Updated Jan. 4, 2018
Kelly, Deborah, b. 1962
Deborah Kelly is a socially engaged Melbourne born Sydney based artist whose work is shown and collected nationally and internationally.
Updated Aug. 3, 2017
Carson, Dave, b.
Dave Carson is a new media artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Updated July 15, 2017
Rrap, Julie, b. 1950
Julie Rrap works in the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video and focuses upon representations of the body, in particular the female body ...
Updated June 30, 2017
Kennedy, Peter, b. 1945
Peter Kennedy is an Australian artist, who with Mike Parr under the Inhibodress collective, introduced conceptual art to Sydney in the 1970s. His practice includes ...
Updated June 16, 2017
Ely, Bonita, b. 1946
Bonita Ely established her reputation as an environmental artist in the early 1970s through her work on the Murray Darling rivers. She has a diverse ...
Updated April 27, 2017
Kozic, Maria, b. 1957
Contemporary multi-media artist whose work often deals with gender issues and feminist politics. Her work includes the gigantic inflatable plastic 'Blue Boy' that topped Sydney's ...
Updated May 10, 2016
Pell, Sarah Jane, b. 1974
As an artist and commercial diver, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell consults, produces and performs underwater media and designs interdisciplinary sci-art laboratories as new forms of ...
Updated April 26, 2016
Updated Nov. 11, 2015
Ah Kee, Vernon, b. 1967
Vernon Ah Kee is a draughtsman, photographer, screen-printer, video and text based installation artist who was included in the 2008 Biennale of Sydney.
Updated Oct. 16, 2015
Bell, Richard, b. 1953
Self-described 'propagandist', Richard Bell, was the 2003 winner of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.
Updated Oct. 16, 2015
Gladwell, Shaun, b. 1972
Shaun Gladwell is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists. Working across video, performance, painting and sculpture, Gladwell has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas. ...
Updated Aug. 13, 2015
Crooks, Daniel, b. 1973
Practising across a range of media including digital video, photography and installation, New Zealand born Daniel Crooks's complex and beautiful digital images stretch and distort ...
Updated Aug. 10, 2015
Matwiejew, Magda, b. 1956
A digital media and film artist, Magda Matwiejew studied Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Represented in a number of major collections, ...
Updated July 21, 2015
image of The Kingpins
The Kingpins
The Kingpins are a collaboration between Angelica Mesiti, Técha Noble, Emma Price and Katie Price. Coming out of Sydney’s drag scene, the all female foursome ...
Updated July 4, 2015
Dement, Linda
Sydney based artist working in photography, writing, film and digital arts, Dement began exhibiting in the 1980s. She has twice won the National Digital Art ...
Updated July 3, 2015
Alwast, Peter, b. 1975
Peter Alwast is a contemporary artist working across a range of media including video, computer graphics, painting and drawing. In 2008 he was the inaugural ...
Updated June 20, 2015
Gillespie, Alexandra, b. 1972
Alexandra Gillespie's work is primarily concerned with responding to particular sites and spatial temporal experiences. She often utilises projection, sound, and found objects to create ...
Updated June 18, 2015
Riley, Michael, b. 1960
Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi photographer, video artist and documentary film-maker who was a founding member of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative. His works focused upon Indigenous people's struggles in ...
Updated June 18, 2015
Mariette, Nick, b.
Nick Mariette is spatial audio researcher and phonographer, sound art technologist and artist.
Updated June 17, 2015
Donovan, Adam, b. 1974
Australian artist working in the area of science, art and technology. Donovan's work involves robotics, real time 3D environments, camera tracking, sound focusing technology, stereo ...
Updated March 13, 2015
Davies, Fiona
Fiona Davies is a mixed media, new media and installation artist.
Updated Jan. 30, 2015