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Raisin, Hannah, b. 1987
Hannah Raisin is a Female Australian Contemporary Artist. Raisin is the primary figure in her; live and gallery performances, videos, sound and digital photography which ...
Updated April 11, 2017
Lang, Alice, b. 1983
Alice Lang is a founding member and co-director of LEVEL, an artist run initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging and early career female visual ...
Updated April 11, 2017
Doley, Kelly, b. 1984
Kelly Doley is an artist based in Sydney. As well as having a solo practice creating video works, paintings and performance pieces, she is also ...
Updated March 31, 2015
Jenkins, Casey, b. 1980
Casey Jenkins is a young Australian performance artist, living and working in Melbourne. Her work reflects her interests in feminism, gender, reality and community.
Updated June 28, 2014
Updated April 18, 2014
Russell, Leisa
Leisa Russell is a Gold Coast based artist who works predominately as a sculptor. Her work deals with various concepts, mostly focusing on nature, fashion ...
Updated April 18, 2014
Everton, Samantha
Samantha Everton is a Melbourne based theatrical fine art photographer. She is known for her richly coloured exploration of race, childhood and women, and her ...
Updated April 13, 2014
Updated April 9, 2014
Updated April 7, 2014