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Martin Ritchie Sharp
Also known as Martin Sharp
  • Artist (Industrial / Product Designer)
  • Artist (Printmaker)
  • Artist (Cartoonist / Illustrator)
  • Artist (Painter)
Other Occupation
  • Art director
Birth date
Birth place
Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW
Birth note
Rose Bay, according to National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT.
Active Period
  • c.1960 - c.2006
  • c.1972 - c.2006 Sydney, NSW
  • 1971 - 1972 London, England, UK
  • 1970 - 1971 Sydney, NSW
  • 1967 - 1969 London, England, UK
  • c.1942 - c.1966 Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW
  • 1963 - 1966 East Sydney Technical College, Sydney, NSW
  • 1963 - 1964 Mary White Art School, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
  • Or University of New South Wales, c.1961 - c.1963 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW?
  • c.1960- East Sydney Technical College, Sydney, NSW
  • 1952 - 1959 Cranbrook School, Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW
  • English
Initial Record Data Source
  • Black and white artists

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