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advertising and comic strip artist, was born in Newcastle, NSW. After completing his schooling at Cooks Hill Intermediate High, he became a window dresser for a soft-goods firm, then an artist in the company’s advertising department. He moved to Sydney in 1945 where he worked with department stores and advertising agencies. Then he worked for years for H. John Edwards, drawing over 150 issues of Tim Valour (the first few issues included a pirate adventure Rip Weston by Les Such), about 50 issues of The Crimson Comet , many issues of Biggles , and fillers and covers. He produced Catman in 1958 for Frew Publications and Captain Strato for Young’s Merchandising. In 1959 he did The Phantom Commando for Horwitz Publications and began work on Air Hawk and the Flying Doctors . The strip appeared simultaneously in the Sun-Herald and the Perth Weekend Mail and was subsequently syndicated internationally for 8 years. A series of Air Hawk comics were published from the late 1950s to early 1960. The strip ceased production in 1986 (though reprinted in the SMH until the early 1990s). Dixon won the 1985 Stanley for Best adventure/illustrated strip for Air Hawk .

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Kerr, Joan
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