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Estelle Asmodelle started painting as a small child and usually won the school art prizes, first exhibiting at the Berrima District Art Show at the age of 10. After leaving school Asmodelle started painting abstract pieces while studying towards a physics and maths degree at Wollongong University. During this period she started creating large canvas work, many paintings of which were displayed at public arts events. Asmodelle’s first solo exhibition was at Wollongong Regional Art Gallery (now called the Wollongong City Gallery) and it was entitled, ‘The 26 Cent Exhibition,‘ for people were required to pay 26 cents to enter, while each work cost a total of 26 cents to create. This eccentric show lead to many group shows in the region and also in Sydney at art departments within various universities, most notably at the Sydney University Art Department.

During her varied career Asmodelle continued to paint and exhibit and large canvas work using synthetic polymer became her preferred method. In the early 90s she moved to Japan to live and work and soon afterwards exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as part of the ‘UNESCO International Friendship Exhibition’ in 1991. This lead to commissions, usually from Japanese firms, for her work. During this period Asmodelle also started the ‘Tokyo Eki (train station) Exhibition,’ displaying and selling her work in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Tokyo train stations as a permanent exhibition, while contributing in group shows within Tokyo’s art galleries in Ginza, Shibuya and Ueno.

In 2000 Asmodelle moved to Los Angeles and participated in numerous group shows and sold some larger canvas works. A few years later she returned to Sydney after living abroad for 9 years, and continued to exhibit in Los Angeles, in particular as a regular contributor at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (LACDA).

From 2008 Asmodelle started showing her work in solo exhibitions in Sydney, most notably at the Global Gallery, Gigi Gallery and several others. She also ran solo exhibitions in regional towns in country NSW, from Berrima to Scone, especially at Artemis Gallery. During this period she started creating digital works in conjunction with her physical canvas works. From 2010 Asmodelle has continued to show and sell work though group exhibitions, including shows with the Redfern Artist Group, of which she is a member.

Several abstract canvas works of Asmodelle’s reside in private collections in Japan and Australia. While the larger body of her canvas work has been sold to private individuals, some businesses in Japan and the US have also purchased her work. Her digital designs have been purchased by companies and businesses for online content since 2008, and many of these designs have been the subject of design awards within Australia, some receiving gold and silver medal placements within the web designer awards networks.

In 2010 Asmodelle published her first art book, Transience, a collection of her canvas work created over a period of 20 years, which is thematically ordered. In 2014 a second book is planned, entitled, Aesthetic in Abstraction which is a retrospective of her digital works.


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