Artist and china painter Lottie Lapseley was one of the students who achieved high marks at Perth Technical School in 1906. She would have been one of the students who exhibited in the 'Industries Exhibition’ in 1906, the 'Women’s Work Exhibition’ in 1907 in Perth and Melbourne and the ’1908 Franco British Exhibition’ in London.

It is possible Lapsley learnt china painting from the Misses Creeth. She first exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1923. Under a heading “A Notable Exhibition” her work was mentioned as “'The Landing Stage, Nornalup” by Miss C. E. Lapsley is an arresting landscape.” In 1925 she exhibited watercolours of Castle Rock in the Porongorups and karri timbers.

In 1927 Lapsley’s entries included watercolours of Banksias and Karri trees, Evening Reflections, Frankland River; Salt Lake Wagin; The Old Mill and a number of others. In 1928 she exhibited three pieces of china painting and watercolours. She was a council member of the Society of Arts by this time.

In 1929 Lapsley exhibited six watercolour landscapes Morning Mist; Evening Glow, and others. She taught china painting at the YWCA in the 1920s-35. Jean Lang was one of her students. Lapsley became Mrs Irving about six years before she died. She taught in her home in South Perth after her marriage. Her mark on china was CEL in two versions and C. E. Irving.

Dr Dorothy Erickson
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