China painter who was taught by Madame Borodic in Tasmania. She exhibited in the 1891 International Exhibition in Tasmania. When she and her family arrived in Western Australia in 1898 she found she was unable to have her work fired and had to send it by ship to be fired in the eastern colonies. She lived with her husband Robert in Lyall Street, North Fremantle. A cup and saucer painted by her was presented to Princess May Duchess of York in 1901. She exhibited with the West Australian Society of Arts in 1902 and 1903. In 1905 she was a non-working member.

Binney had two daughters who studied at Perth or Fremantle Technical Schools. C. J. L. Binney achieved high marks in 1906. When Catherine died in 1912 a suite of her painted china was presented to the Art Gallery of Western Australia. It is presumed that this was the work exhibited in Tasmania. It consisted of a dessert set with stemmed dishes, each individually painted with field flowers, cornflowers, wheat, poppies. The remaining daughter became Greta Mason who presented some of her mother’s china painting, such as a plate adorned with a portrait of Robbie Burns, to the Art Gallery. Catherine Binney signed her work C. Binney.


Dr Dorothy Erickson
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